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Caltex Havoline has achieved a significant milestone by concluding a 10,000 kilometers mileage trial with its Pro DS Fully Synthetic Eco series.

The extensive proof of performance serves as a testament to Caltex Havoline’s assurance to addressing the unique demands of consumers. The Pro DS Fully Synthetic Eco series by Caltex Havoline, tailored for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and Hybrid passenger cars, has undergone rigorous testing to validate the 10,000km Extended Drain Interval (EDI) claim.

Caltex Havoline® has been on the road for over 100 years and Caltex Havoline with Deposit Shield® Technology expands the definition of motor oil protection. Caltex Havoline products are grounded in science and so are our product claims. It helps protect what today’s drivers care most about: Performance, Fuel Economy and Engine Life.