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Speciality Oils

Way Lubricant X 68

Way Lubricant X is a high quality, machine tool slideway lubricant.

Available in

20 Ltr
208 Ltr

Smooth, chatter-supressing, accurate operation
Special friction modifier provides high lubricity to help reduce friction and drag which can cause stick-slip and machine tool chatter, adversely affecting surface finish on machined pieces. Tackiness additive provides a high strength, thick oil film that assists with accurate table positioning.

Helps protect metal surfaces
EP additive system produces a protective film under heavily loaded conditions to help reduce wear and scoring of slideways and guides.

Stays in place
Special tackiness agent helps prevent fluid from draining away from lubricated surfaces, particularly on vertical ways. Tackiness and high film strength help minimize squeeze-out of the lubricant on heavily loaded ways, and help prevent fluid wash out by emulsifiable cutting fluids.

Helps enhance coolant bath life
Excellent demulsibility and coolant separability properties enable rapid separation of the way oil from the coolant, helping to reduce the tendency of bacteria growth from oil contamination.

Combined hydraulic/slideway application
Way Lubricant X may be used as both a way lubricant and a machine tool hydraulic oil where an ISO 32 grade oil is required, which may assist with reducing lubricant inventory

  • Way Lubricant X is formulated from highly refined mineral oil, with EP, friction modifier and tackiness additives
  • Way Lubricant X provides good demulsibility properties for coolant separation.
  • Machine tool slideways and guides:• Combined slideway/machine tool hydraulic systems (ISO 32) • Horizontal slideways (ISO 68)
    • Light-to-moderate applications (ISO 68)
    • Vertical slideways (ISO 220)• More severe applications (ISO 220)
  • Other industrial applications requiring an adhesive, corrosion inhibited lubricant with EP properties
  • Cincinnati Machine Specification P-47 Heavy-Medium Way Oil (ISO 68)
  • Cincinnati Machine Stick-Slip Procedure

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