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General Purpose Automotive Gear Oils

Lanka Gear MP 90

An extreme pressure monograde gear lubricant, specifically designed and formulated for the automotive market in Sri Lanka with naturally oxidation resistant high quality base oils and sulfur-phosphorus EP and Anti-wear additives to meet API Service Category GL-5. Controls wear economically. Good oil service life.

Available in

1 Ltr
5 Ltr
20 Ltr
210 Ltr

Gear equipment protection

Sulfur-phosphorus EP additive system provides good load carrying capacity to resist gear tooth wear and scoring.

Rust and corrosion protection

Effective inhibitor package protects against rusting or corrosion of gear and bearing surfaces.

Appropriate lubricant life

Acceptable thermal and oxidation stability allows for  appropriate gear protection with appropriate lubricant life.

Seal Protection

Formulated to protect against oil seal deterioration.

  • Lanka Gear MP are multipurpose lubricants. They are designed primarily for use in spiral bevel and hypoid drive axles whose design and operating conditions indicate theuse      of                     EP       gear     oil        in         the       API      GL-5    performance    class.   They    are            made   from     paraffinic         base    stocks  and contain a carefully balanced additive package to provide acceptable market general gear protection and lubricant life.
  • Automotivehypoid gear     differentials      where  API      GL-5    performance    gear     oils       are       required or permitted.
  • API GL-5

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