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Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor Red

Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor Red – Premixed is an environmentally sensitive, pre-diluted coolant and corrosion inhibitor based on extended-life organic acid Carboxylate Technology.

Available in

1 Ltr
4 Ltr

• Complete cooling system protection Unique Carboxylate Technology inhibitor provides corrosion protection in aqueous solutions for all engine and cooling system metals, including aluminium, iron, steel, copper and solder alloys. The corrosion inhibitor prevents wet liner cavitation erosion and protects aluminium heat transfer surfaces. • Extended service life Very low depletion rate of the organic acid inhibitor ensures long-term corrosion protection under all operating conditions. • Reduced maintenance costs Unique Carboxylate Technology inhibitor system prevents wet liner cavitation erosion, and provides exceptional protection to aluminium surfaces under heat transfer conditions. Lower dissolved solids content reduces rate of water pump seal failures. • Saves time and money Very low depletion rate and complete cooling system protection of the special organic acid inhibitor removes the need for supplementary additives for cavitation erosion protection, and reduces the need to regularly test inhibitor level and add extra additive to maintain the inhibitor concentration.

Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor Red – Premixed is suitable for use in automotive cooling systems, stationary power generation engines and marine engines, where a glycol-based antifreeze is not required.

Recommended by many major OEMS (Please refer the Product Bulletin for Specific details)

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