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Two Stroke Engine Oil

Havoline Super 2T

Havoline® Super 2T is a premium two-stroke motorcycle oil, that helps protect vital engine parts while you ride.

Available in

40 ml
0.5 Ltr
1 Ltr
5 Ltr
20 Ltr
210 Ltr

•Powerful throttle response Power and good acceleration are maintained by helping provide excellent cleanliness of pistons and exhaust ports, through the reduction of ash and carbon deposits. •Reduces exhaust smoke Exceptional combustion characteristics help reduce smoke in exhaust emissions, which also helps provide improved working environment for operators of portable power equipment. •Helps extend engine life: Semi-synthetic base fluid provides excellent lubricity to help reduce wear of pistons and cylinders. •Helps maximise spark plug life: Low ash additive system helps reduce ash build-up on spark plugs under all standard operating conditions.

Havoline® Super 2T is a premium two-stroke motorcycle oil, that protects vital engine parts while you ride.

 Havoline® Super 2T is formulated with a special low ash additive system and designed for engines requiring JASO FC or ISO EGC performance lubricants, including high output machines operating in severe service.

• Air and liquid-cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance motorcycle engines • Japanese two-stroke engines fitted to portable power equipment (other than chainsaws) • Oil-injected engines (except marine outboard) where no fuel/oil premixing is required • Air-cooled, oil-gasoline premix engines at manufacturers’ recommended gasoline-to-oil ratios, up to 50:1 • Two-stroke motorcycle and motor tricycle engines fitted with exhaust catalysts Not recommended for use in marine outboard engines, in chainsaw or in CNG- or LPG-fuelled engines.

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