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Gear Oils

Crater 5H

Crater is a series of black, adhesive, residual oil based lubricants recommended for a range of industrial applications where an easily applied, heavy lubricating oil required.

Available in

500 gms
  • Tough oil film gives high load wear protection to exposed gears in adverse operating and weather conditions
  • High adhesion protects exposed metal surfaces against rust, corrosion and the elements
  • Viscosity and adhesiveness coats and cushions contacting surfaces providing quiet, protected running
  • High flashpoint chlorine-free solvent allows easy application by automatic spray, dipping brushing or swabbing
  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94: AGMA Lubricant No. 15R (Crater Fluid H)
  • Wire ropes
  • Open gears in mining, quarrying, construction and dredging equipment
  • Chains and sprockets
  • Flexible couplings
  • Sliding surfaces on drag lines and shovels
  • Suitable for application by brushing, swabbing, dipping, spraying, drip cup or spout-type can. Spray application may be by conventional drum pump and spray nozzle equipment designed for fluid lubricants and greases

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