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Compressor Oils

Compressor Oil EP VDL 46

Compressor Oil EP VDL is a high performance, petroleum- based compressor oil specifically designed for severe operating conditions.

Available in

20 Ltr
210 Ltr

•Potential maintenance and downtime savings: Low carbon-forming tendency helps reduce the build-up of harmful deposits on critical areas such as discharge valves, helps to maintain compressor performance under severe operating conditions. Effective corrosion inhibition helps protect against rust caused by moisture entering the system, particularly during shutdown and intermittent operation. •Oxidative and thermal stability: High temperature oxidation stability helps resists oil breakdown at high discharge temperatures in compressor crankcase applications. •Smooth operation: Effective anti-foam properties of the highly refined base oil and inhibitor system helps minimise the possibility of foaming and overflow in tanks and reservoirs. Air release proper- ties help protect against the interruption of lubrication due to entrained air.

Compressor Oil EP VDL delivers stable high temperature oxidation resistance and is designed for reduced deposit formation on pistons and valves, excellent corrosion protection, foam inhibition, and extreme pressure performance.

Compressor Oil EP VDL is recommended for: • Single-stage and multi-stage reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, and oil flooded screw ..compressors operating at high temperatures of up to 220ºC • Air or inert gas reciprocating compressors • Stationary, semi-portable and portable units Not recommended for use in breathing air compressors

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