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Caltex Multifak® EP 1

Multifak® EP greases are multipurpose extreme pressure greases suitable for use in many industrial grease applications.

Available in

16 Kgs

Multifak EP greases deliver value through: • Good water resistance — Resistance to washout of bearings. • Good corrosion protection — Inhibited to help protect bearing surfaces. • Good oxidation stability — Helps to support long life in storage and in use. • Simplified lubrication — One grease designed to satisfy many different industrial grease requirements. • Low oil separation tendency — Recommended by Chevron for use in typical centralized lubrication systems. • Protects metal surfaces – Effective EP additive protects against component wear under high load conditions. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces. • Good pumpability – Good pumpability characteristics of the lithium thickener provide suitable flow properties for grease pump application systems (NLGI 00, 0, 1).

Multifak® EP grease contains highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors. Suitable as a multipurpose automotive grease for general purpose applications and many industrial, commercial and Marine applications.

Can include; • Industrial plain and rolling element bearings • General plant lubrication • Centralized lubrication systems (NLGI 00, 0 & 1) • Construction equipment bearings • Earthmoving, quarrying and mining • Agricultural equipment • Automotive wheel bearings • Chassis grease point lubrication • Deck equipment

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