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Metal Working Fluids

Caltex Bright-Cut AH

Bright-Cut metal working fluids are chlorine-free cutting oils that offer benefits not found in conventional cutting oils. The unique synthetic anti-weld components replace the chlorine and reduce the amount of sulfur typically needed for difficult cutting operations. They are light in color, for improved visibility during machining, and low in odor

Available in

20 Ltr
208 Ltr
Excellent anti-weld performance, optimal tool life and exceptional surface finish
without chlorine and with minimal amounts of sulfur and fat.
Clear, light color
allows operator to se the machined part during the cutting operation.
Minimal odor
Does not have the strong sulfur smell characteristic of conventional cutting oils, resulting in a more pleasant work environment.
Minimizes the cost of disposal at the end of the fluid life.
Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
For maximum fluid life, due to Group II base stock found in NM, AM and AH grades.
Minimal misting and smoking promoting an safe work environment
The thermal stability and low volatility of the Group II base stockย and the use of an effective mist suppressant minimizes worker exposure to cutting oil mist and vapor.
Multipurpose performance
The nonstaining cutting oils are formulated to serve as the cutting oil, hydraulic fluid and machine lubricant to help eliminate the problem of machine lubricants contaminating the cutting oil.

The unique synthetic anti weld components of Bright-Cut replace the chlorine and minimise the amount of sulfur and fat typically needed for difficult cutting operations. They are light in color, for maximum visibility during machining, and minimal in odor.

Do not use Bright-Cut Metalworking fluids in high pressure systems in the vicinity of flames, sparks and hot surfaces. Use only in well ventilated areas. Keep container closed.

The severity of the machining operation and the machinability of the metal are the criteria for selecting the proper cutting oil.

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